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    GMTips with Matthew Mercer, Satine Phoenix Main Youtube
    Web DM Creating Your Pantheon of Gods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0EeS2dYt9I
    Runesmith (Funny) Main Youtube
    Basically Creatures (Funny too)
    Planes & Magic Explained (funny)
    DM's Know Your Players
    Dungeon Dudes Main Youtube
    Magic Items
    Monster Tactics
    Spells in D&D
    Character Creation
    DM Tips
    Puffin Forrest (Funny) Main Youtube
    PAX West 2019 Q&A
    Mourneblade Stories (Funny)
    Monsters, DM'ing Adventurer's League
    Zee Bradshaw (Funny) Main Youtube
    All spell & Education (Funny)
    PAX Unplugged 2017 - The Art of the Table: GMing Beyond the Basics DM Tips Beyond Basics
    D&D BEYOND DM Tips (Ruty Rutenberg)
    D&D Game Designers - This is the actual Game Designers of D&D!
    Xanathar's Guide
    Tomb of Annihilation
    Waterdeep Heist
    Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
    Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron
    Dev Group Interviews from Origins
    Player Advice, Arcade Acquisitions Inc
    Todd Talks (DM oriented info)
    Unearthed Arcana
    How to Be a Great GM (Guy) Main Youtube
    GM 101 (Starting Guide)
    Creating Campaigns
    Fantasy Map Making
    Funny Commercial / Advertisement
    XP to Level 3 (Critical Role people, Runesmith,etc Main Youtube (DM & Player advice)
    Taking 20 How To be a DM/Player & spell reviews
    Dungeons & Dragons Famous people RP, D&D Devs, products
    D&D News
    Miniature, Mini, Figureine Painting
    D&D Live 2019 (The Descent)
    Girls, guts, Glory
    Dimension 20 - Player's Academy Talks about DM'ing, RP'ing
    ART EDUCATION - Dingo Doodles (She's awesome, also see funny vids Speed Draw
    Dingo Doodles (Sturm recommends) Main Youtube
    D&D Stories (Fool's Gold)
    Puffin Forest (Sturm recommends) Main Youtube (TONS of Videos)
    JoCat (Sturm recommends) Crap Guide to D&D
    superherocartoonsite D&D 1980's Cartoon Intro
    HarmonQuest (Sturm recommends Season 1) VRV channel
    VRV Season 1 Commercial
    Critical Role ( They're this small indie group of roleplayers ) Geek & Sundry website
    - Ashley Johnson is my favorite voice actor in the world Season 1
    - ok ok.... She's tied with Mark Hamill Season 2 Youtube Site
    - #theonlyjokerforme Funny Commercial - Season 2
    Acquisitions Inc (Penny Arcade) Main Youtube
    COmmercial / Trailer
    Dice, Camera, Action (WotC Designer Chris Perkins DM's) Main youtube
    Force Grey: Giant Hunters (Nerdist, Matt Mercer, Joe Manganiello, Deborah Ann Woll, Brian Posehn) Lost City of Omu
    Drinks and Dragons
    Relics & Rarities (Nerdist, Deborah Ann Worholl, ProjectAlpha.com) Main Webpage
    Commercial (Comes out Feb)
    D20 Babes (All female D&D group) Deep Dark Forest
    Commercial Trailer
    Maze Arcana (Satine Phoenix & Ruty Rutenberg) Main Website
    Youtube Main Site
    CelbriD&D Joe Manganiello
    Terry Crews
    John Bradely
    D&Deisel Vin Deisel
    Heroes of theVale Todd Kendreck (Chapter 1)
    Chapter 2
    Arcane Arcade Two guys from runesmith 17k subscribers
    Sunder Season 1-3 (their campaign)
    Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
    Save or Dice (Is this educational? I'm too tired. Future Brian's problem) How to Be a Great GM guy & Runesmith
    Dimension 20 Main Youtube Page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC8zWIx8aBQme-x1nX9iZ0A
    Season 1
    Season 2 Fantasy High
    D&D Meets NYC
    D&D Meets NYC Trailer
    Side Quest, Bloodkeep, Matt Mercer
    Bloodkeep, Trailer
    SideQuest, McElroy, Tiny Heist, trailer
    Animated Shows
    The Mighty Dungeon
    Dice Probability Calculator https://anydice.com/
    D&D Beyond - Rick & Morty How R&M D&D happened
    World Anvil (Electronic DM tool, world stuff, NPC tracking, Everything)
    THeir website
    Reddit DnD subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/
    Not D&D, But I like it
    Link might not be their main page, but that's future Brian's problem ---> McElroy Main Youtube Page
    These are the funniest people in all of nerdom (McElroy brothers) MBMBM Main Page
    Griffin and Justin make videogames do horribly funny things. HIGHLY recommend! Monster Factory (Pam)
    Fan-made animated videos of MBMBM MBMBM Animated Shorts
    MBMBM Shorts
    GEO THE BIO Animated
    The Adventure Zone Playlist
    The Death of Magic Brian
    MBMBMB Animatic Hellavator


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