Adveturer's Log #5 - The Final Brian (The Existence Eater)

Ok. Today was a busy day. I've been taking way too much time to write these blogs, and I really want to transition from these horrific walls of text to something funny, or possibly something educational for someone who wants to launch a kickstarter. 

I have been writing stream of consciousness, writing as fast as possible because there are so many things currently exposed to the public that I wish to be more professional in appearance.

Added a TON of stuff to the website's FAQ.
Removed a carousel banner because I should maybe have the first banner you see when you hit the landing page be you know... THE CARDS?! Yeah. I was so focused on letting you know about the free community resources, and promoting these wonderful artists who are making art, that I completely forgot to prioritize your first experiences here.

Answered artist emails, sent of contracts and payments. I'm spending a lot of money for a kickstarter that may not succeed.

Asked a game industry friend if he would help make the kickstarter video. I hate asking people I like and love to do something that is their specialty...
Our friendship is a LIE!

Submitted another (expensive) batch of card prototypes to be printed. This is a test of many things. Does dark colors show up if the spell description side is mostly white empty space? What colors end up darker in real life than they do in Photoshop? (Blues, purples, reds, greens.... I mean, basically everything that isn't pink or yellow).

I'm going to have the real cards, with the art I am paying for now, printed up soon, but not in time for this website's launch. Dude. You know how many games I've worked on where the E3 demo, promotional videos, or showing to a group of investors/publishers was smoke and mirrors and not actual gameplay???
3 times actually. Not much. I have friends in the game industry that have a MUCH larger number than 3.

* I made too many pages in the header on purpose to see what happens.
* I dug into what other page functionality this theme has.
* Jumped on the prep for social media. Made a company Twitter account. Subscribed to a TON of famous people, and the amazing game designers who work on D&D.
* Made my CriticalCards reddit profile more presentable (icon, linked website, blah, blah).
* Read through multiple articles of educational stuff on how to write newsletters. ETA's (Effective Calls to Action). A lot of information, and in a type of information my artistic/content creator brain is not suited for... I'll ABSOLUTELY not remember 96.43% of it when I need to make the first few newsltters. Also, the focus of these articles were for big businesses, established businesses, and kinda retail focused.

I reached out again to someone who has a piece of... something I need, and he has been a good little capitalist, and has now asked for over A THOUSAND dollars for what he has. I'm kind of so.. (angry?) that I am going to dig in my heels and not give him anything. It will hurt the success of the project, but I don't give in to ter'rists.

Ok. 1 more hour until midnight and my work day ends. I'm pretty stoked about today just because the amount of hours I put in today. For some reason I woke up around 8:00 am feeling refreshed, even though I only had 5.5 hours of sleep. So I'm getting in about 15.5 hours today. It feels like more should have gotten done, but I feel like that EVERY single day.

Join the Party.
Spread the Word.

I hope you're on this Adventure with me.
Google "Monster Factory: The Final Pam".
And don't thank me for the laughs and enrichment of your life, thank the McElroy brothers who make Monster Factory. They are going to make the next 7-9 months of 90 hour work weeks survivable. God Bless'em.

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