ADVENTURES BLOG #16 - Travel survival sales

I'm going to try to be efficient and write up a blog post while I am stuck in rush-hour traffic. I am using voice recognition, and keeping my eyes on the road, so I'm not being a huge problem for public safety. While I drive 0-20 mph at any given moment...

Today I'm making what will probably be my final public appearance to show the cards in person. I'll be at Zulus Games, up in Bothell Washington. These public appearances are just not really worth the multiple hour time investment to hand out cards to 2 to 8 people. 

Zulu's games has about 30 to 40 people who show up for Adventurers League on Monday, so that's why I'm going to go do that again. Both the Zulu staff, and the Adventurers League organizers were very kind to me last week, and I've decided to hand out a bunch of cards that I do not have duplicates for. Maybe that's a little too altruistic, but I have proven that I have more heart than business sense.

UPDATE: I found out that one of the employees hosts a special D&D group for kids. So I donated ALL of my cards for them. Just... seemed like a good way to end my public appearances.

Some uplifting news. Someone retweeted one of my Twitter posts, and that person's retweet got retweeted. I AM OFFICIALLY VIRAL. Let's get that snowball rolling folks!

Tonight's going to be a rough, late night. I do not have the Kickstarter Newsletter done. My very first one. I had planned to have surveys in it, a bunch of stuff, but I had so many more urgent things to do than the Newsletter. I hope to do it on the first of every month. And I want it to be FULL of interactive ways people can vote on all manner of things. From day 1 I knew I wanted my community to be a part of this process.
This adventure.
They're in my party, and they will have a voice.

I went through a ton of business and personal emails.  Emails from printing companies. I'm super suspicious when email quotes do not match their online quote service. And lo, and behold, their email quotes are always a smidgen higher than their online calculators. My current printers (who will print 1-6 decks, but it costs me a brutal amount of money) do the same thing.

I don't do business with dishonest, disreputable, (and dis-reliable?) people.

As soulless and gross that it makes me feel inside, I started planning out the social marketing plan and started plugging stuff into HootSuite. I can only make 30 pre-planned posts at a time, which is less than my needs per week, but I don't want to buy yet another product for a kickstarter that hasn't shown signs of success.

Okay. That's it. I love you all and I hope that'll make something that'll help a bunch of people.

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I hope you're on this adventure with me.

( I got about 36 hours of sleep this week)

No one ever thinks about traffic jams and problems with importing shipping in cities like Neverwinter, and Watersdeep. Wait, are they both Port towns?

I have NEVER thought about it, but a tiny bit of a story arc, or interaction with a Thieves Guild could be shipping import related.

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