ADVENTURES BLOG #16 - Travel survival sales

I'm making my final public appearance at Zulus games up in Bothell Washington. It's just not really worth the multiple our time investment to hand out cards to 3 to 4 people.

Zulu's games has about 30 to 40 people who show up for adventurers league on Monday, so I'm going to go do that again. Both the Zulu staff, and the adventurers League organizers were very kind to me last week, and I've decided to hand out a bunch of cards that I do not have duplicates for. Maybe that's a little too altruistic, but I like to repay people who've been kind to me.

Here's some uplifting news. Somebody actually commented on my Twitter post, and then retweeted out to all their people to look at my cards and spread the word. I really needed that emotionally oh, and I was so grateful that I plan to give that person a free deck of cards if this all succeeds in 6 months.

Answered more emails from printing companies, and receive some business cards that I was hoping to use instead of handing out the very expensive spell cards. Updated the website and tried to fix the Community resources page again for just a little bit of time.

And as soulless and gross that it makes me feel inside oh, I started planning out the social marketing plan and started plugging stuff into HootSuite. (It's a social media planning website that let's you create content beforehand and then release it on a schedule, across any social media you have).

Okay. That's it. I love you all and I hope that'll make something that'll help out a bunch of people.


No one ever thinks about traffic jams and problems with importing shipping in cities like Neverwinter, and Watersdeep. Wait, are they both Port towns?

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