Adventurer's Log #1 - Arils, Rials, and Laris

This is the first blog post. No one will read this. Heh. I have worked only 11 hours today because stupid things from my "real" life stole 90 minutes from the kickstarter. 108 minutes to be exact, but who's counting?

That's who.
I'm counting.

I am really, really sleep deprived. Even more than my usual 94 hour work weeks and 5-6 hours of sleep per night. 


  • Committed to what spells to give what artists and actually assigned them.
  • Worked out a licensing deal for an art, instead of a new commission.
  • Received a prototype drawing from an artist for the spell "Acid Arrow". I did a draw-over, showing how I'd like for the acid to spray in a certain way over the target, and for the spell to have a trail in the air. They agreed. Co-creation is important to me., I want input, but I have a responsibility to try to educate or at least portray the spell's effects.
  • Read through a (yet another) Fulfillment company's email detailing their prices. Their prices are way higher than other companies.
  • Worked on the Critical Card Product name & logo some more, incorporating the advice of game industry friends of mine who are artists. (Check it out! I used it for this blog post!)
  • One card artist I plan to hire gave the green light to start working on 10/10/19. I emailed them 3 spells, but impressed upon them I really need them to do two particular spells first.
  • Took pictures of myself and gave direction to another artist who is going to do a drawn portrait of me to be used in places (Natalia Solis. VERY talented and professional). I want to give her more work, even though I am already over budget for "Pre-kickstarter" art. I am so over budget. what's a budget, at this point??? hehe.
  • Added a few more videos on to the excel spreadsheet of Community Resources I want to offer for people for free. I'm making a list of every Youtube tutorial, funny stuff, popular Live Casts, etc, etc. It took me over 10 work hours to make the list so far, so the rest of us, my fellow adventurers don't have to. A "One-Stop-Shop" for education, fun, and D&D online tools.
  • Finally, FINALLY got the domain I am using to recognize the IP address for Shopify. I have spent 3+ hours on this over the last two days, three tech support interactions, and it was all because they didn't have the "@" symbol in one data entry field. 
  • Tweaks to webpage content. Nothing big. Changed some words, linked some pages, worked on the main menu, created pages. Accidentally deleted an entire carousel banner and had to recreate it. Oh, and typed out the blog post you are currently reading. How meta is that?
  • Wasted half an hour trying to figure out a good way for things to look good on mobile devices of all sizes. These website builder sites say they auto scale everything for you, but they are the liars that live in lairs like a laris hanging beneath the rails using liras and rials to plant deception seeds with arils.
  • Those were all words that used the letters l-i-a-r-s.


I have been getting 38-46 hours of sleep per week (6/day average), and it needs to be closer to 50-56 (7.5 average). This is a serious issue that I need to find a solution for if I am to do this for 9-10 more months (the workload doesn't STOP after the kickstarter!  It stays just as hard!!).

On that note... if I instantly fall asleep after this blog post, I'll have to wake up, shower, and be back to work in.... 8.25 hours. heh. I'm good at working like this. I made a reputation for doing this for the last 15 years.

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I hope you're on this adventure with me.


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