Adventurer's Log #8 - Lvl 2 Spell - "Burning Eyes"

Hello fellow adventurer's,

My eyes are still not happy, but at least I'm not seeing double. I'm only 3 hours into my work day and there are already slightly stingy. I had to ask a roommate for eye drops last night.
UPDATE: I started to get double vision again, so I only got a miserable 7.5 hours of work in. I'll have to make it up a couple weeks from now.

I'm doing my best to stop every 20-30 minutes and look out the window, or at a painting on the wall of Starbucks.

So, today was fun. More fun than usual. I gave draw-over feedback to two artists. which means I get to design. Think about demographics, emotional reactions, implementation, and just fun drawing. I would have liked to have been an artist, I think.

I can't draw per se, but I can do a lot with material given to me. I don't need the artist to exactly follow my draw over, unless it is an important issue (political correctness being the highest priority). But 90% of the time I do have to insist they do it damn close to my written or draw-over instructions. They have their goals but I have own and be responsible for so much more than they do. More than most people realize, until I show them a list of 80 things I have to factor in on every single piece of card art.

Ok. I have to save my eyes for fixing the card colors task. No more words in blogs
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I hope you're on this adventure with me.

Is there a Feat to handle blindness? There is, right?

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