Adventurer's Log #3 - Damn. I make a cute Half-Orc

NOTE: The coloring/shading you see for the portrait used in this blog post was not shaded by the artist. I had to shade it because it was making the white description text disappear in other social outlets.

Natalia's coloring/shading work is going to be amazing. I just don't have the time to bother her for just a blog post.
Hello fellow adventurers,

A lot of inspiring (and uplifting) stuff has happened in the last two days. I love my friends, and I deeply appreciate that they are (getting more and more) concerned about me. I just... really love the people I love.

Whoo! Today's artist spotlight is on Natalia. Her portfolio is at:

She has already submitted the 1st draft of the Charm spell, which I approved for the final submission. I drew her a concept and wrote her an email with the concept. She especially nailed the elf character.

I wanted a non-binary character. It's a given that none of the characters, even male characters, are going to have "bikini" armor, but there's just not a lot of non-binary representation in popular/product fantasy art. I'm kind of old and I grew up in Hawaii, which is not very politically correct. So... I'm doing the best I can.

I worry daily about some social attack because I did something wrong. No one seems to cut anyone any slack anymore. It's all straight to the fire and pitchforks. It makes for a better soundbite. Better Click-bait.

Natalia is professional, also ahead of schedule, and.. personable? Empathetic. And from day one, I was attracted to her art style because of the emotions and personality her characters show.

Corresponded with the fulfillment companies I have already contacted. I got a reply from Print Ninja printers, and they are also PROMPT and supportive people. I like to support people, and be supported in return. I'm like a Lawful Good Dwarf, in that way.

So Print Ninja is going to send me every variation of the 350 GSM Tarot cards. Gloss, Laminate, Gloss with linen texture. Everything. (GSM is a rating of thickness. with cheapest crap poker cards being 290, then 300, and 330 being the thickest regular cards are made of. I am buying 350 GSM because the stiffness feels like quality, and it'll have +2 CON to wear and tear. So they will hopefully last my customers and fellow adventurers for years.

Worked on the website more. The way various sizes of desktop window size and mobile phone size is not only frustrating, but time consuming. Time is my enemy. Tons of time in Photoshop. The Photoshop is great, and easy for me to do, but then the website screws everything up or doesn't display correctly across all platforms.

I HAVE TO stop wanting the first impression to be perfect, or else the first you will all hear of this is when the kickstarter fails. Perfection is the enemy. I know why I was so good at it when I was a game designer, but now, on the product that that could ruin my name in the entertainment/game industry, I am going too far into perfection. Diminishing returns, and all that.


Half-Brian Half-Orc, Fully Awesome

Brian's draw-over: 
I wanted to change the hair a bit to match my real-life hair. And I needed to change the head-to-body ratio for psychological reasons. Not my psychology / ego, but to inspire solidity, maturity, and trust in people at a subconscious level.  the original version is more personable, but I can't risk the subtle subconscious representation that I'm a kid who is trying to make a very big, very serious kickstarter that you should invest money in.
This is my best guess of psychological impact, mind you.




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I hope you're on this adventure with me.

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