Adventurer's Log #10 - Join the Kickstarter! {ROLL FOR PERSUASION}

Hello fellow adventurer's,

Well, I've started to try to promote the kickstarter. A couple of lessons. Nearly all of the Reddit D&D subreddits said, "No." to allowing me to post about the kickstarter. Some said no outright, some said because I had not been an active member for a year. /r/DnD, my favorite place to haunt, said yes. That was nice of them.

I had a nice bit of karma in the fact that a teacher said a group of kids wanted to start playing and if there was places to get the books for free. I offered my cards out of my own pocket. Right now, in small batches, the cards cost me a lot of money.

The nice turn around was that someone on that Facebook page, an experienced board game maker, was surprised by how much it was going to cost me and offered a huge list of alternate printers that could be cheaper. If they are in the United States, it sure would be nice to not pay for import taxes and literally thousands of dollars just to ship to the U.S.
Immediate karmic reward was nice.

Problem is how difficult it is for me to make mobile look good, but also keep them pictures file size small so there is zero delay in the page loading on mobile (300k being the goal). The problem with smaller file sizes is that reading the text gets harder. JPG is also not friendly to text.

I did work on the layout and website page logistics (stuff that matters, but you won't see the work being put in). It was good to see what the website looked like on the phones of people who stopped by my table when I was presenting the product at Mox boarding House.

I've learned lessons on that note. One thing is I can't just hand out the cards. I want to, but when a third person came up and asked to see the Minor Illusion spell card (which I had handed out earlier, I had to say, "NO! STUPID! you came to late to see it! DUMMY!  It's not my incompetence, it's you DUM DUM!" At least... that's what it felt like, emotionally.

Ok. I have to go. OH! I sent a batch of cards to all three of the McElroy brothers (with an extra set to Justin for their dad, Clint). I hope it helps them. Of course it would be nice to get a publicity bump from them, but it's not why I did it. they have made my life better with laughter. Which is sometimes in short supply in my life. Especially now, during these 84-98 work weeks.

So much to do.

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I hope you're on this adventure with me.

Do you think Ettin poo comes out in side-by-side lumps? Yeah, I know they share one butt, but maybe they are competitive? Like each head insists on their own poo pile.

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