Adventurer's Log #2 - I'm an employer

Correspondence, sending contracts, answering question literally took hours. But I get to show you something!!! The couple of artists who have started work have been very professional. Loving it.

Take note artists and aspiring professionals. I had a veteran game industry artist that I was friends with, and I hired them for a personal project at a time where he had been laid off from a company and had no bank savings, and desperately needed money very badly. And he went off the rails. in so many unprofessional ways.

It seemed like he didn't read the concept ideas besides skimming them, so he delivered things that were off-target. He drew full concepts when he should have been delivering early sketches that could be re-directed if they were off-target. He was charging multiple hours for something that I later found out would take him 15-25 minutes to draw (at MOST).

And the stuff he did deliver was unusable. Even worse, he just drew his own ideas and add-ons (and expected to be paid for that??). Then he delivered late, charged me for hours that nothing was even produced, and then just... slowly ghosted me after receiving a lot of money.
I know the adage about friends and money, but he needed help. I love him, and he's beyond talented,
AND I am never going to work with him on my projects again. 

I am never going to recommend him, for either a side job or for a video game company. Not out of spite, but because every time I vouch for something or someone, I consider it to be my promise. My word. And why be a person who goes back on their word?

So, if you're a young professional, or someone who could possibly see themselves doing something similar, take note of that.

It's all good. I have great artists, who are professionals, and are delivering sketches, secondary stage drawings, and final drawings that are SUPERB.
I'll be prepared before April.


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