Adventurer's Blog #7 - DISADVANTAGE on Perception

Hello fellow adventurers,

So, before I get into it I have to list off an obstacle. For about the last 3-4 weeks my eyes have been getting fatigued in the late hours, and for about the last 2 weeks they have been hurting by about the 8th hour, all the way through the 12, 13, or 14 hour day.

And a few days ago I woke up with double vision. As in, when I looked at my image in the mirror it looked like I just started the process of trying to look at a magic eye image. I am legit going blind or having some kind of major eye trauma from working too hard (it was all the photoshop in the last few eeeks + 4 months of 80+ hours)
Yeah. I agree. That's F****** UP.

It doesn't help that I'm over 30 years old, and I have been starring at screens and books for over 3 decades. Fun fact, the double vision I have is only double vision on the vertical axis, not the horizontal axis. So an 'H' looked like a box with two arms sticking up, and two legs sticking out of it

|   |
 [ ]
|   |

Sooo, that's a problem, huh? I took an entire day off (and tried to get work done with minimal looking at a screen. Lots of audio learning, or writing things via voice recognition., and was super lucky that the optometrist I saw 2 months ago would let me in for a quick emergency exam. My eyes are starting to get sore now, after only 7 hours of constant work.

This really F***** SUCKS. April isn't going to wait for me to rest my eyes. I... guess I have to try to back off for a a little bit, or at least work while not looking at a screen. I want this kickstarter to be successful, but considering it has a 90% chance to fail, and even if it is a huge success, it would still pay tens of thousands of dollars less than a video game designer job would, I should probably not permanently damage my eyes.

More art came in. I notified some artists that their art is public, so they can put it on their portfolio (the NDA is lifted for their art). 

There's a BIG TASK on my plate. I have gone through at least 8 color variations on the cards over the last 9 months (I actually started this project back in Feb/March 2019). But now I need to go through the 122 cards, make as many fixes and color corrections I can and print off 6 decks.

Ok. I hope I don't lose my vision. Pray to Selune for me. Chauntea? 
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I hope you're on this adventure with me

Being BLINDED is crazy strong versus spellcasters.
Seriously, go look how many healing and attack spells say "a creature you can see". If I have the cards up on the website for people to view (and/or vote on), check out the huge list of effects that are in the Darkness or Fog Cloud spell.

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