Adventurer's Blog #6 Stop Bugging Me

I'm just going to write a list of stuff. This is an example of everything that gets done in just 4-7 days. 

Every week has so much more work, challenges, and new things needing to be learned or added onto a task list. That's not a negative statement. It's the truth. And if you're a wanna be entrepreneur, kickstarter, or even an indie game developer, you need to get used to that.


  • All of the Artist Profiles are up on the 'Contributing Artist' page, and all of the links to their pages work
  • Spent a ton of time in Photoshop designing a picture that someone can look at and within seconds they can absorb "What do these cards do that other cards don't". 
  • Corresponded with artists. And paid more gold coins to them as they have completed artwork to the progress milestones in their contract. Hahaha. My bank account took 7 damage to the leg.
  • Did a bare minimum of Social marketing. Blurb blasting them tweets and Facebooks. As well as Yak Honks, Blabber Ghost, Pin Stix, Fart Bonk
  • The rest of tonight is probably going to be spent designing a few spell cards that everyone would expect that would be made, but I haven't designed them yet (Featherfall, etc)

That's about it. There is so much new artwork, but considering that I have a community of ZERO people, it would be a waste to show it now.

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I hope you're on this adventure with me.
The 'Giant Insect' spell increases the size of bugs near you, but that means you need to have bugs near you.

Soooo, the safest way to make sure you have "ammunition" for the spell is to trek across the world carrying pouches full of scorpions, centipedes, and wasps??!

Fuck that.

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