Adventurer's Blog #5 - The Weather Qas is looking great

I'm going to have to start making video content sometime during this campaign. I'm going to open the big package of 350 GSM Tarot cards from Print Ninja. They're a printing company I have been talking to. they sent me a package of demo cards. They have an American office, and it is a breath of fresh air to email a native english person.

Fun Fact: When you start working with artists all over the world, you need to learn that U.S. PST (Pacific Standard Time) is GMT-7, but then GMT-8 during daylight savings hours.

Ok. Today's goals are to learn more about writing Newsletters. It's a little alarming to read that for other industries the open rate for emails is like 10% - 38%.
A yellow flag came today in that a newsletter advice/tutorial was talking about the data collection of whether an email was opened, how much conversion (they did what you wanted them to do: visit the site, answer polling questions, etc) you get from your CTA (Call To Action).  Yellow flag because not only does learning all of that take time, it takes time to implement, and then time to review, and then time to re-adjust the plans for the next newsletter.

Well, Print Ninja (a printing company I'm evaluating) is awesome, but they use offset printing (big printing plates, CYMK printing). The minimum order is 500 decks of cards. And the price per cards gets much cheaper the higher you go. the savings are not linear. So I cannot use them for the 1-6 deck orders I have been doing for the last 9 months for prototyping. They also have a $450 charge if you want to get one deck sent to you that you can thereafter make last ditch changes to your colors/design.

One of my artists is making a (implicitly assumed to be a CIS) male with that body shaming "John STRONG-JAW" look to him. You know the guy you see on TV and in video games. Brown hair, muscles that require thousands of hours in the gym and at least 3 months of shooting steroids into you.

No one talks about, let alone campaigns and makes a consistent national dialogue about body shaming and culturally damaging trope/social norms to CIS males. I'm going to care for all human beings (AND all creatures) in the card art representations. I'm going to try my best. It seems these days that somebody will find a way to get angry, and the way they viscerally attack people and then don't realize how hateful and uncaring they are being while demanding care and respect for the groups they care about. Showing no compassion for anyone that isn't the groups they think are the "good guys" seems... kind of seems like the behavior and hateful mentality we all should be fighting AGAINST.

By the way, not much discussion about this either. And this is not even showing how consistently body shaming all of these male protagonists are

Ok. I have other things to do. So much, every day.

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I hope you are on this adventure with me.
There HAS to be a less offensive term for Bugbears. Like... I keep expecting a bugbear to say something like,
"whoa. Whoa. WHOA. Bugbear is OUR WORD. You don't to get to say that."

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