ADVENTURER'S BLOG #21 That's ol' Righty

A few weeks ago I was going completely blurry blind from working too much. For real blind. Today I am going sort of blurry blind in only my left eye. Which is kind of weird that my right eye was making Constitution saving throws, but my left eye was failing Constitution saving throw. I'm going to install an app that I used on Age of Empires that warns me to take a break every 20 minutes.

I created a new social media release schedule based on actual internet research of when it's the best times to release info.The other good news is that I started creating and uploading my videos to YouTube for my fabrication "cosplay" videos since so many people seem to like the weapons and armor stuff I make.

I owe a big increase in the company's social profile's "Reach" and the amount of Likes on the Instagram profile due to the Critical Role people liking one of my Instagram funny posts. It triggered the trending bots to roll its Eye of Sauron over to my account and start showing my content more to people. I owe the whole crew of Critical Role a free deck of critical cards.

Some printer sent me a new printing quote. They took so long that I question whether I want to work with them. I don't want to do business with unreliable people. It's not who I am, and I'm not going to risk my name because someone else messed up.

One of my artists that I have been using a lot for this pre kickstarter submitted his first draft for 'Lesser Restoration'. It is amazing, he absolutely nailed the concept that I was laying out, and I really want to show it off to everybody, but I know that I should try to dole out the visual stuff to keep people interested in the upcoming months.

There's not as much "these 64 things got done this week" as the last 4 months have consistently been. It's "50+ tasks of social media got done, and trying to make the landing page experience on mobile look better".
The tasks of securing printers/shippers, legal, business, the art and art and art made by me for various things, volumes of email correspondence, making an entire website. A lot of work, and a bit more exciting to blog about.

Now it's just trying to put out social media content that draws you in with a meme, and then 2 out of 100 of you follow me and 1 out of 1000 of you join the newsletter. Not very blog worthy. Hah.

Join the party.

Finish the campaign.

I hope you're on this adventure with me.

Do you think dragons are ever embarrassed by drakes or wyvrens? Like, that third cousin of yours that got arrested for robbing a store. Do you think dragons would just awkwardly change the subject?

*cough* "um, it's been terrible weather to burn a town to the ground lately, huh?"

"So, how's your horde doing? What is it? Three, four hundred years old now? That's such a special time. You should cherish it. I remember when my horde was that young"

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