ADVENTURER'S BLOG #20 Social Media Success!

DISCLAIMER: The pic for the blog is being pointedly absurdist, and in no way do I think I'm a big deal.

Hello fellow adventurers,

I had a HUGE social media success, and it is all due to the good people at Critical Role giving me a mega-bump.

I was working until midnight the other day (as usual), and I'm usually focused on work on my laptop. This kids, is called foreshadowing. I drive home, and almost every day I try to do 30 minutes of work while I'm in bed. On my phone. It's then when I notice that 480+ people liked one of my Instagram "FUNNY" posts. A slight increase from the average 2-7 Likes.

I woke up to 1400+ Likes (and I eventually found out over 12k people viewed the post) 

I am so lucky, and so very grateful that someone in the cast of Critical Role liked one of my posts. Followed by multiple people on the cast liking it. I'm not going to lie. Working 80-98 hours a week for 12 weeks straight has been hard. Spending thousands of dollars on this has been deeply worrying. There's been so many obstacles. Failures and successes. I'm pretty immune to stress from hard work, but I've never done a leap of faith like this on something (that actually doesn't make financial success, in the long run).

Sooo. I cried for about 45 seconds that day. I'm not joking. I cried, outside a Starbucks (because I work at a starbucks 10-14 hours a day, that is not an unusual place for me to cry).As they kids say, I "Ugly cried". It's just all of the work, all the sacrifice to help people and do my best to help D&D, the drain of doubt month after month, and then... like fucking Gandalf on the third day, the clouds break open for a while.

It's not like... the kickstsarter is now going to be assured of success. Only two people signed up for the kickstarter Newsletter, and 50+ people followed me only because I sat there and followed 400+ people from that post.

But this is a momentous event and possibly a lightning strike moment. I know I often try to educate on these blogs, but this one is important. Here's a warning to other entrepreneurs and young people. No matter how many 14-16 hour days I do, there is sometimes a crunch of high priority tasks that need to all get done AT ONCE. The less people on your team, the higher the chances are you will not be able to capitalize on something, or deal with a crisis when that event has too many tasks to do that all need immediate and concurrent completion.
I bring that up because I need to do multiple concurrent things to capitalize on this event.

Progress is happening. The website is looking more and more professional. The Facebook page at least has a landing page banner that looks better.

People I know in the game industry may have a way to contact some famous people who could help promote the kickstarter. I'm getting faster at putting out social media content (although I am not releasing it at the same consistent times as much as I wish I could)

I have all the pieces set that makes other kickstarters deliver late or fail. The logistics are done 5 months BEFORE the kickstarter, not after you risk your money. Printing. Shipping. Designing the cards. Legal. God damn international tariffs and VAT.
I JUST need to get on the radar of 15,000 - 50,000 people.

I'm was averaging 50-ish Likes for two days, but it's declining. To be expected. I literally owe all of this to the people on Critical Role. I had already planned to give them a free deck as a thank you for enriching my life, even if the kickstarter was not a success, but GOD DAMN, now I wish I could send them all the 122 prototypes I have now.
They may have single-handedly made this kickstarter a success.

I'd like to think it's karma repaying me for giving cards out to D&D groups for kids, and other things I feel a Lawful Good dude should do. How... did I go from being a Neutral Evil jerk teenager to Lawful Good adult-ish person?

Ok. Lots of work to do.
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I hope you're on this adventure with me.

Can you imagine a character actually having 6,000 gold on them? No, right? But imagine being a NPC and this fucker rolls into town, buys a bag of Fantasy-Cheetos, and asks if you have change for a DIAMOND

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