I have an urgent task to do, so this is going to be a short one. I hope this particular blog post is helpful to people.

I posted my cards to Reddit. To /r/DnD. I prepped for it. I worked hard at the presentation. There were two comments. That is not encouraging, but you can't let one interaction with a group, on any particular day, determine your advertising campaign.One was about how my non-binary elf in the Charm Person spell looked too similar to the generally accepted look for the McElroy brothers' Taako. I love the boys. I am aware of and deeply respectful of them, and their I.P.
BUT they don't own every elf character with a floppy hat.

Let alone the fact that my elf is based loosely on a friend of mine, and my elf is a non-binary person, and my elf does not have green-ish skin color. 

KK. I have to run. My eye of Sauron has now turned on to the fact that the Facebook site is in unacceptable shape. 
I love you guys. 

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I hope you're on this adventure with me.

Do you think because rapiers do more damage than short swords that there are millions of worlds that shortswords are basically unheard of?


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