Hoo Boy. Soo, I just committed to a metric PoopTon of social media content. I was so stoked that I garnered 20 followers on Twitter super quick, and then the growth stopped. I mean... people spend YEARS making their Twitter have a following, so I should have very low expectations. On the other hand, April 27th is going to wait for me to grow my social presence.

I somehow have to get people to share with their friends. The best case scenario, FOR EVERYONE, is that we get 2,000 decks of cards ordered during the kickstarter. If we can get 2,000 decks, then I can offer people a GOOD deal. Followed by 1500 decks. Then 1000 decks. And 500 decks is kind of the minimum where I can offer any kind of halfway decent deal to people.
MANY printing companies won't even print runs of less than 1500 decks, soooo that's something that either needs to happen, or those companies (who have better prices than most) are off the table.

Now that I've learned this much, it BLOWS ME AWAY what the profit margins are for other card products out there. Like... Jesus. The markup they are doing is ridiculous. I'm not "throwing shade" as the kids say, but theirs one company in particular that I thought their costs were 15 times what they must actually be. As a person who is passionate about fairness, I am actually angry (as a person and consumer) at this one company. Especially also considering how much their shipping costs. I MUST be a bad businessperson because I want to provide 300%-600% more cards than them, per dollar spent.

Ok. I love you all. I'm rolling 20's week after week on my willpower checks to keep working 80+ hour weeks. Push. Be prepared. Be better than other kickstarters.
I'm going to do it. I just need the people to tell other people.

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I hope you're on this adventure with me.

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