ADVENTURER'S BLOG #15 - I just wanted to make spell casting easier

I spent hours setting up, learning about, and researching tertiary subjects relating to posting social media via Hootsuite. Hootsuite lets you post to multiple social media sites, schedule them, and a bunch of creepy data mining on people. It makes sense. Mega corporations need coordination on multiple campaigns. Massive groups of people need access to and ability to change social media content.

Two cool moments happened just the other day when these three (very smart and well-spoken) young kids were really happy with the cards. It was a funny moment too. They basically said back to me my sales pitch on what the cards fix and why the cards are so urgently needed right now. "It should be more like a computer. Like video game.I like that I can just look at this bar and see the damage or Ability I have to roll". On and on they hit literally 6 of the sales points. I should hire them for marketing.
I loved every minute of it. I gave them so many cards. More than I should have.

Whelp. I'm off to learn more about Instagram/Twitter's trending algorithms. What time of day is the best time to post social media, and a dozen other factors. 
I'm trying to find out why I am not getting card printing quotes even close to how cheap people are telling me I should be paying, and a dozen things that have nothing to do with how the cards make playing D&D more fun. 

I want to be clear. When I say to people I have the printers and shippers ready, I am not bullshitting. I have good enough ones to not go back on my word. I will bleed and break my back to never go back on my word, but that doesn't mean I can't find better printers and shippers in the next 12+ months. That's 5 months to Day 1 of campaign, 1 month campaign, 6 months (or more) after the inevitable success of the kickstarter. Inevitable.

I hope this is worth it. that I'll help people. Help D&D itself to be more fun and worthwhile to a broader (and younger) demographic. I hope someone is on this adventure with me. It's a lot of unknowns. I'm not a huge fan of 9+ months of unknowns.

Join the Party
Finish the Quest

I hope you're on this adventure with me.
I really want to play (or DM) a game where a smaller race of creature is riding around in a larger creature's backpack. I've read at least half a dozen stories where a player was riding around in another player's backpack. Firing arrows and spells. So cool.
I'd love to have a design session with a dozen professional, veteran DM's and game designers about how to adjust the simple D&D rules to handle this.

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