ADVENTURER'S BLOG #14 - D&D Needs a Turkey monster

First off.
Turkey Monster & a Turkey Monster One-Shot.
A huge village wants you to go get a Turkey Monster for a festival celebrating their god, or heroic town founder:
Thans Kaving.

My brain isn't working good right now (pain fatigue: read below), so this idea might not be great. Kind of Monster Hunter video game, with maybe a morality quandary when the players find chicks? Or the party just needs to get a special feather that only grows on the beast once per year and pluck it, so the adventure is more animal-lover friendly.

Ok. It's Thanksgiving and I'm working. I know. I know. It's sad by most people's satandars, but my family lives out of state, and the few game industry friends that are not out of town, have families, and I'm not going to go bothering them to see if they'll host an orphan. No one needs that social onus put on them.

Everyone in my life is yelling at me to take a day off. Most of them don't know I'm sick as well. Light fever, my hands ache, my lower back is KILLING ME, and I have a painful, wet cough. Don't cry for me Argentina, I bought a Starbucks turkey sandwich.

Followed up on printing quotes with the new printers. Printers that the successful kickstarter people I met referred me to when they found out I was paying ten times what they expect to pay for cards. This blog is the brutal truth. Sooo. Literally NONE of the referrals have panned out. My hopes skyrocketed and then have been dashed expertly.

It's not just the kickstarter, I really, really need cheaper cards for the publicity campaign. I've spent a lot of money prototyping and perfecting the physical product, but now I need to print tons for publicity. To give you an idea, I have spent over $1,000 to date.

I want to help people, so if anyone needs to go through this process, you need to understand that you don't just send an email to a printer and then have your answer. You ask for W,X,Y,Z variations, and depending on their level of understanding English there is 6-12 emails back and forth until you get to a quote

Part of this is sometimes just miscommunication. There's a lot of miscommunication with overseas printers, but... they are the cheapest.
A lot of it is also that information is gated by other information. You can't ask for a quote when you don't know what amounts of cards are the best lowest common denominator to get you the best prices. Some printers price per card is cheapest in iterations of 18, or 40, or 54, or 28, or 108. This is because of the size of the printing plates they use.
Anyway, I hope that is educational and helps.

I love you all. As far as I'm concerned, you're all in my party, and I don't let my party members down. I'll keep pushing. I'll be months and months more prepared on DAY ONE of my kickstarter than other kickstarters are by their 90th day.

I promise that I'll get some sleep.
In...  June 2020

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I hope you're on this adventure with me.
What are weird minor (magical) diseases that would make gameplay fun, but not (always) wrest control away from a player. Removing agency from players is a big No-No 95% of the time, so what can offer creative choices?

* You want to hug (grapple) anything that is shroom, subterranean, or has scales? (Underdark specific campaign, I guess)
* When any combat and non-combat encounter happens, roll 1D100 (or D20), consult a list, and scream out things like tourette's?
Personal attacks: "YOU'RE LYING!"
Threatening, but still weird: "I WILL KILL YOU ALL! WITH MY GLORIOUS TEETH! GNArr!! Gragh!!", 

These are terrible.
My brain no good draw letters, make words now.

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