ADVENTURE BLOG #19 I'm a let you finish, but CATS is the greatest movie of all time

Hello fellow adventurers,

There's not much to say about the kickstarter on any given day, so I assume that kickstarter blogs are not written every few days? Kickstarter awareness > Blog quality  (for a kickstarter that nearly no one knows about)

High severity & high priority is how you get the most content, at the highest quality, out the door on a set schedule. This is why there are all those annoying bugs in video games, because you never got to see the multiple crashes, memory leaks, and corrupted save files (unless you're playing a Bethesda game! Call the BURN WARD!)

The biggest victory this week was that I got the website scrolling issue fixed on mobile. I "wasted" a ton of time trying to get it fixed because the documentation was not good, and I had to try a series of stabs into the dark, looking at other liquid "code" (liquid is this pseudo-CSS / pseudo-code bull**** that Shopify uses), and eventually doing enough permutations until something worked.

Honorable mention is that I successfully haggled with a printing company for a better rate on card printing IF I get above 1000 orders, which is very likely not going to happen, but I successfully haggled! That's Charisma, right??

KK. I'm gonna get back to grinding on this. Working hard.

P.S. Go see the movie "CATS" before it leaves theaters (and they said they are going to make the fur look better? Is that going to also make them sing better and make their incredibly over-acting facial expressions change too?)
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I hope you're on this adventure with me.

Do you think when a villager, or even a small town resident sees what are obviously adventurers come into town they react like people should when the boys from Supernatural, or Monk from the TV show "Monk", or the lady from "Murder, She wrote" 80's serial shows up?
Like... "Whelp. Shit. Half of us are gonna be dead or cursed any fucking day now. SUPERB."

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